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HTML5 Mobile Responsive Design Blog

Creating a Mobile-First Responsive Web Design

Many developers are now use html5 for there site creating and developing with added facilities , smoothness , responsiveness , easy touch and visuals on user friendly manner.

Following is:

                 By Brad Frost

a site that he develop his way for mobile. You can learn lot from his blog.

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Free Energy

Free Energy.

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Free Energy

This short video will show how a bulb glow without a external power.

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General Knowledge Test

This quiz is automatically created to help you get started. It will be created only once.

1. E-book is a ________.


2. Electronic part is ?


3. How many teeth we have ?


4. How many months for a year ?


5. Electrical good is ?


6. Computer is a_________item.


7. Erth is ?


8. Select all correct answers:


9. Select the correct answer:


10. Which one is correct ?


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Earn Money With Electronics

Earn Money With Electronics

Daily life with many electronic items is much easier . But if one equipment isn’t working well that will be troubling a lot. Some items are very easy to handle and repair but, you doesn’t know about that. You will wait and find a suitable person or repair workshop for mending or repairing it. If time goes long You will get exhausted and repair to buy a new one.

But wait….!! …. here, and I’m going to tell and teach U ” HOW TO REPAIR ” some items U are using every day….!

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Learning something….

Learning something….

You can learn anything if you  want but, YOU need something…

Which is ……”NEED

Well… in here U can learn or teach most lessons for your life…in future

see   U  soon…..!

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Electronic Items For Sale

  DELL  TAB VENUE  7   for sale


Dell Tab -venue-7

  All facilities include for








But no charger,cable or headset

( price can be negotiate )

call  Dilum (0715740252)  for more details.. [Read more…]

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Welcome to www.DDK

  Welcome to  www.DDK …..!


This  “DDK Electronics” web site is under developing.

Future you can see here more   electronic items, blogs, items for sale, application circuits, repair diagrams, day to day life experience, learning…….etc.

more…… can share your knowledge with us……even how you develop your skills, Currier, life……….or  learning how to improve your life with Yoga, therapy or other meditations.

Hope to see you  sooooon……………….!

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